"The Big Parasol ensures that you can choose the best accommodation for you and your family by giving you all the information you need as a parent."

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Our mission

The Big Parasol has only one goal: to give your family a carefree, relaxed and fantastic holiday.

What we do

We select top houses per area
There are plenty of family holiday homes to find. But are they really all kids proof? Some probably are, but finding the right one is a terrible job. Leave that to us. Now we know the houses on Ibiza like no other, but we have also built up a fine network in Mallorca, Tuscany and southern France in recent years. We personally visit the houses and check if they are indeed fully equipped. If something is missing, this will be completed.

We ensure that the whole family enjoys
Toddlers, toddlers, babies, dads and mothers. When we say that we give your whole family a great holiday, we mean everyone. After all, entertainment is the key to a relaxing holiday. And recovering is difficult when you have to keep an eye on your kids all the time. The Big Parasol offers just that little bit extra what your family needs. Picture this: lounging at the pool, while your children discover things.

We opt for climate-neutral travel
Whether you travel by plane or by car, CO2 emissions are almost unavoidable. Because travelling and the environment are important parts of our lives (and the lives of our children!), we want to contribute where possible. In this case we do this by compensating a small part per booking. You do not have to pay anything extra for this, this particle will be included in the price. We then make sure that this compensation ends up in the right place.

The most beautiful accommodations

A selection of the most beautiful accommodations that are also suitable for children from 0 - 16 years old.

Child friendly

The best information regarding child-friendliness of location, accommodation and environment.

The lowest price

The lowest price, because you book directly with the owner

Our story

Going on a trip with children is a bit different than having fun with the two of you. A simple backpack turns into a packed trunk with about 20% stuff for yourself and 80% for the children. A visit to the other side of the world is also no longer possible. Spending ten hours in a plane? We'll skip them for a moment.

Reinoud and Steven started their first company in 2011: huishurenibiza.nl. Over the years they discovered one recurring phenomenon: families with young children often have specific wishes regarding their stay. Is the house really kids proof? Of course that question was answered seriously. But when they became fathers themselves, they understood this question even better. No matter how packed their suitcases were and no matter how complete the packing lists were, once they arrived at their destination it almost always turned out that something was not there.

That had to be possible differently. Reinoud and Steven, through their experience, had already built up a very large part of the network of homeowners. It was also clear what exactly customers wanted. Meanwhile, the first, fully equipped, child-friendly (!) homes are online. The goal is to make this offer as wide as possible. Something for everyone. However, you can't just get involved, The Big Parasol has a strict selection procedure. Everything is checked and if necessary supplemented, until we know that this house really can offer the whole family a relaxing holiday. And, honestly, also a bit because we want to prove that fathers can think of everything!